About Us

Founded in 2017 UrbanFox’ founding team spent nearly year listening to cyber-crime chatter on the deep web, watching their behaviors and even building relationships with them.  Once we had a deep understanding of fraud we started to build technology to help online business control and mitigate the risk it presents

“It took a week to figure out how their [FDP] system worked, I even contacted their customer support – we took what we needed and then started selling the solution to each other on the forum.  It was win-win for us”


“Sammy”, Fraudster targeting airline loyalty points

Fraud and Artificial Intelligence Experts

We have built a small, agile team all of whom have experience developing complex machine learning and artificial intelligence technology. We have a deep understanding of statistical analysis and building applications that simply works.

Our team has an intimate understanding of how fraud work, who the fraudsters are and how organised they have became. We have spent months watching their behaviors, watching their conversations on the deep web and have met them in person. We know fraud isn’t just a technology issue, but also a human one.

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