Stop Online Payment Fraud

Online payment fraud is costing businesses nearly $300 Billion per year. Fraudsters are getting smarter and more organized.  Stay one step ahead with UrbanFox

Payment Security

UrbanFox protects revenue streams from complex fraudulent behaviors. Decrease losses and improve margins

Intelligent Assessment

UrbanFox’ AI protects your business automatically, with minimal need for human interaction

Fast and Secure

The biggest risk to your anti-fraud policy is your rule-set, UrbanFox doesn’t use rule-set’s meaning its fast and secure

Payment Processing

UrbanFox analyses transaction streams with powerful AI and dynamic risk scoring. Quietly managing fraud risk without interfering with legitimate customer journeys


Fraudsters are using more sophisticated  methods of exploiting e-commerce platforms.  UrbanFox uses market leading technology to outsmart and stop the fraudsters from using your business to launder money

Digital Purchases

Protecting digital products against fraud is tough and losses can be extremely damaging to any digital first business. UrbanFox can in real time defend against fraudsters targeting these products

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