Powerful Intelligence to Stop Fraud


UrbanFox’ powerful AI provides a simple and intuitive way to reduce fraud risk, whilst isolating potential fraudsters that cost your business money.

Flexible and Smart Fraud Detection and Prevention

Modern fraud is changing fast.  These are no longer individual fraudsters, these are highly organised and complex fraud syndicates. We spent nearly a year watching them communicate on the deep web, we learned just how smart and adaptable they can be.  We built the solution to stop them.

Payment Security

UrbanFox protects revenue streams from complex fraudulent behaviors. Its behavioral analysis tool set analyses how customers behave compared to how fraudsters behave.

Intelligent Assessment

UrbanFox’ AI protects your business automatically, with minimal need for human interaction. It learns from both the fraudster’s behaviors and when needed it learns from your fraud team.

Fast and Secure

The biggest risk to your anti-fraud policy is your rule-set, UrbanFox doesn’t use rule-set’s meaning its fast and secure. It dynamically generates unique risk triggers for every transaction and user.

Manage and Control

A simple and intuitive way for your team to manage fraud

UrbanFox provides your team with a simple and fast way to query accounts or transactions that have been flagged.  When a conflict occurs operators can rapidly see who the account belongs to, order history and the core UrbanFox risk scores for every step of the journey.

Full audit trail

PSD2/GDPR Compliant


Always learning technology

Frausters are always developing new methods to counter FDP software. Static technology is simply no longer acceptable.  UrbanFox is built to learn and get smarter, successfully stopping the latest threats to your business.